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pls add SpinPoint M8 family drive to the Reliability DB

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Have just purchased 2.5" Seagate ST1000LM024 which is reported as Samsung HN-M101MBB (SpinPoint M8 family) - that's because of Seagate's recent acquisition of Samsung HDD factory.

(see also

Manufacturer: Seagate/Samsung

Family: Samsung SpinPoint M8 (Seagate Momentus?)

Model Number: Seagate ST1000LM024 AKA Samsung HN-M101MBB

Capacity: 1000 gigabytes

Interface: SATA-II 300 MBytes/s

Spindle Speed: 5400 rotations per minute

Buffer: 8192 kilobytes

Density: 500 gigabytes per platter

Average seek time: 12 ms (reality 19.8 ms - with active AAM that's factory set to 80h ("silent"))

Average latency: 5.6 ms

Advanced Format Technology (4K-sectors), EcoSeek, NoiseGuard, NCQ

Power consumption: 2W (reality: 5-10 W)

LBA Sectors 1953525168

Unformatted Capacity 953870 MB

ATA Standard ATA8-ACS


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I bought one of these for my brother's laptop last May. Right now it's in front of me, beeping rapidly instead of spinning up. Manufactured in Feb 2012, so it's failed pretty much dead-on the one-year-old mark. Will be shipped off to the suppliers on Tuesday. Hopefully no issues there, as Seagate's warranty checker reckons it's an OEM drive...

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