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Hi guys i am in the process of of quoting up a storage server for my new house, and the network engineer that i've been working with has been great in guiding up to the point of finalising the quotes and setting everything up (family commitments/work schedules between both of us) i would just like to know how hard something like what we have sorted out would be to implement to someone who hasn't touched linux/networking in over 10 years, i work for IBM as a feild tech but more on point of sales equipement and there isn't much networking involved (more hardware fault finding/swap outs) i'm a very fast learner and know my way around computer systems (just not linux) i'll first write down the parts i have selected and the way he was going to implement the system

first of we were going to build 3 of these backblaze storage pods but replacing the mother board with a Intel S1200BTL to get one more pcie slotfor one of these the idea was to have a main server with 2 of the HP NC522SFP Dual Port 10GbE Server Adapter and then have the server see all 3 pods as one massive array, in the event of a catastrophic crash i would lose 1 entire backblaze pod before my data would be lost (losing 1 pod is fine any more than that and the data would be gone), how would i go about implementing a system like this?? we also haven't selected a switch but were looking at a cisco 48 port poe 10gig,

thanks hopefully i've provided enough details any more infor you need just ask

once again, thanks guys

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