I ordered a 512gb M3 SSD drive from Plextor.com. I tested the speed of the drive after it was installed and it was much lower than advertised. I called Plextor to see if something was wrong with the drive. After I told them that I have a Mac they informed me that I would not get the advertised speeds. They sent me the Mac benchmark report where the speeds are considerably less than advertised but Plextor does not publish this information anywhere and refuses to take their product back after they false advertise it. You would think they would do the right thing and put a * next to the speeds and then post the mac benchmarks so their potential buyers can make an informed decision. I'm thinking I should have stuck with my Crucial M4. I paid $656 to downgrade my system. Apparently Plextor believes false advertising is acceptable. Also, please beware of Plextors has a 14 day return policy for credit even with a 15% restocking fee. I called customer service 11 days after I received the drive but they refuse to take my drive back because it’s 14 days from invoice date. I ordered the drive on 2/3/12 and received it on 2/14/12. It took me 11 of the 14 days just to receive the drive. I had 3 days to figure out that I was not getting what I paid for. Anyway........ I was thinking of purchasing a new drive. I understand the benchmarks that are advertised are maximum speeds which is fine. I have a 2011 MBP 17, 16gb Ram and a quadcore I7 processor so I figured I would get somewhere near the top of the speeds. Are all manufacturers shady like Plextor with their speed specifications for Macs or does anyone know specifically of any manufacturers where I will get the advertised speeds? I was interested in the Intel 520 series, the Samsung 830 and the Corsair GT or possibly an OWC. Thanks