What is the future of RAIDs?

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Ive been thinking about it lately.

With the rise of 3TB NL-SAS drives, and the eventual 4-5-6-20TB disks that will come, what is the future of Raid?

rebuild times on arrays with fx. 24 drives(even split up in several groups) is already a problem today, and it will only get worse as the drives get bigger. Meaning the chance of downtime, even with higher raidlevels is an ever expanding risk.

What do you all think is the future of storage systems?

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I think RAID is shifting into larger pools with more parity data and new ways to spread out information to reduce the risk of data loss when multiple drives drop out. We recently spoke with these guys


who have a great method on spreading out content over multiple storage pools to limit the change of failure. On larger arrays, I think single drive parity setups are out, since 2-3TB drives are already at a level where a ready error is likely during a rebuild, and as we get into higher levels with will need 2+ drive parity minimum.

In short, larger arrays :)

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Kevin's analysis is probably pretty succinct.

People are always going to need more storage, but at the high-end and in the enterprise (which is where RAID traditionally lives), it will probably continue to get more sophisticated with multiple storage pools and whatnot.

We have multiple customers where I am that can always use more storage and more performance, and I don't see that changing-- moreover a select group of these customers are definitely physically space constrained, so increasing drive density is their ONLY solution...

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