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Port trunking help needed

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I just bough a QNAP TS-879 pro, loaded it up with 8x 3Tb drives from Hitachi.

Just doing the setup of the system before i start backing up, and i was wondering which port trunking option is best (for fastest performance) .. and why

The Options that i can choose are:

- Balance-rr ( round robin )

- Active Backup ( Fail Over )

- Balance XOR

- Broadcast

- IEEE 802.3ad

- Balance-tlb ( Adaptive Transmit Load Balancing )

- Balance-alb ( Adaptive Load Balancing )

The QNAP supports 2 Ethernet Cables.

Sorry if someone has already posted about this, I looked but couldn't find enough information that could lead me to a decision

Thanks in advance


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I asked our friends at QNAP to weigh in:

The answer is the fastest choice would be IEEE 802.3ad however, it is hardware based. Make sure the user has the equipment that supports it. You can also tell most customer use Balance-tlb ( Adaptive Transmit Load Balancing ). All the other choices are software base, so the drawback IEE 802.3ad has is that it is also the most expensive due to the extra hardware it needs.

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