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IO's and Throughput on Linux

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What is the easiest way to benchmarks Linux based box to figure out if the drive type and configuration is the limiting factor for the applications running? I understand, fundamentally running a program to max out the drive throughput and IO's on a bare system would need to be established first. Then I guess the next part would be watching the IO's and throughput of the loaded system to see if its hitting the limits established by the first test.

Is there an app to do that?


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For the first part, benchmarking:

- To get a baseline on the theoretical IOPS/seeks I like to use: seeker or iopoing

- To get a baseline on the sequential throughput: hdparm or simply dd with flags to disable chaching

- For some more comprehensive benchmarking: bonnie++ and fio

For the second part, observing load:

- You could simply use top and watch for disk wait time (%wa). You can use something like sar to record it (along with other metrics) every X mins and review it later.

- For a more detailed look into what is happening with the IO subsystem it's hard to go past: iotop

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