Ron Barker

Thank God for Iomega NAS

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Hi All,

I just wanted you guys to check out my new NAS...

I was looking for a Storage solution that can give me felible options for the future like - Cloud, Multi site rep, virtualization compatibility, robust etc etc....

I tested all the usual brands but the advised by supplier to look at the Iomega PX products. I contacted Iomega and staight away they were keen to come and discuss my needs......(personal touch rather then a phone call always gets my thumbs up).

The sales rep came understood my future plans and walked me through a demo of the PX product and "life line" which is the software that manages the product (amazing).....oh did you all know the Iomega was owned by EMC??? as i looked at EMC products and even though looked very impressive they were out of my budget and alittle to spec'ed for my needs.

Anyway i went for a PX12 rack mount which gives me upto 36TB if fully populated (i only went filled 8 bays for now), but this NAS gives me everything and more then i could of thought with the ever growing applications being added.

Sorry to waffle but for the first time in a long time i really got excited over a product and thought you all should know (if you dont already).



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