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SAN project

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* For the network diagram, please refer to the attachment *

The main purpose of this project is to replicate storage data between Site A and Site B. The SAN router is a brocade 7800 Series. FCIP (Fiber Channel Over IP) link needs to be establish between both SAN routers (Site A & B). The lease line bandwidth is 7Mbps.

Questions :

1) Does the SAN router needs to be connected to the SAN storage or the SAN switch? How the merging will take place?

2) Besides replication, the lease line link will be used for other critical applications. Should I configure Adaptive Rate Limiting (ARL)& QoS to control the traffic? What other additional features should I implement on the SAN router to ensure other applications won't be affected by the replicated data across Site A & B?

3) Is it a must to configure FCIP IPsec tunnel to protect the confidentiality of the replicated data?

Any additional feedback and advice is most appreciated,

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