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SSD Giveaway Thread!

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In the spirit of Thanksgiving... well no... the spirit of Black Friday we at StorageReview are going to giveaway some of the SSDs sitting in our test lab. Haven't decided which, but we have a few we want to part with from last generation as well as current stuff.

We are going to run this thread from now until Christmas day. You may post up to one time per day for entry. Winners will be picked at the close. When I am back in the office next week Monday I will update this thread with the drives we are giving away. B)

Drives Included In This Giveaway:

128GB Corsair Performance 3

96GB Kingston V+100

120GB Corsair Force GT

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Post 3 for me.

For those who think their luck has run out for getting free stuff, make sure to check out Intel's rebate program(Prices Under $1/GB -ends 11/28) and Cyber Monday deals. You won't get a free SSD(unless they don't bill you ;)), but there should be a couple of decent to good deals for those who want to hop on the SSD "bandwagon".

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