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Extremely HIGH CPU Utilization when using RAID 0

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Can someone please help me?

My system consists of:

BE6 II revision 2 w/ Highpoint 370 RAID controller

P3 700 running at 7 x 150 = 1050

1 60GB IBM 60GXP & 1 60GB IBM 120GXP in RAID 0 = 120GB

Windows XP Pro

Highpoint RAID controller BIOS v2.31

Highpoint RAID Controller Drivers 2.31

RAID Controller using IRQ 11 along with SB Live

Using HDTach 2.61, my Read Performance is : MAX = 91MB/s AVE = 66MB/s

But the CPU utilization is a whopping 25%

Is this what you guys are getting?

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That seems too high...

I've had the same problem with CPU utilization running a IBM GXP 60 (not in RAID though) on a HTP370 RAID PCI card when it had the same IRQ as my SB Live Value.

I'd suggest you reconfigure the BIOS so the RAID card don't share it's IRQ with any other card, or atleast not with the SB.

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I haven't used IDE Raid for some time, but that does seem too high, but not by much. The cheaper IDE Raid cards are very dependent on CPU which could be the cause. I am not sure how your drivers work with that card, but are the drive running in UDMA. Aslso, do you have your most recent chipset drivers installed for your mobo. Just some things to check first.

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