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Intel 730 240GB SSD Review: Link

But in the review you can see the results from the following SSDs and comparisons:

Single SSDs Compared:
Intel 730 240GB
OCZ Vector 150
Samsung 840 PRO
Samsung 840 EVO
Intel 530
Crucial M550
Crucial M500
Seagate 600
SanDisk Extreme II

2x SSDs Raid0 Compared:
Intel 730 240GBx2 RAID0
Crucial M550x2 RAID0
Samsung 840 PROx2 RAID0
Samsung 840 EVOx2 RAID0

4x SSDs RADI0 Compared:
Intel 730 240GBx4 RAID0
Samsung 840 PROx4 RAID0

The review is in Greek and if you want to read the text you will need to translate it.
But if you browse the pages, you can read all the results in the charts.


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