New Seagate 1TB-platter drives.

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Some time ago there's been a problem which I think is similar to this one with WD Green drives. They've been so keep on saving that last µJ of energy that the drives killed themselves quickly. Well, to more precise: the time out for the heads to be parked was set to a few seconds, which let to a huge amount of park/unpark cycles per day for some users (e.g. if some tool was monitoring smart values in intervals a little higher than the time out). Not sure if the current Greens still do this, or if they moved to a smarter adaptive detection sceme along the line "if there were several quick park/unpark cycle in the recent time, be less agressive with parking".

My friend had this problem on his drive.. and so severe that it would even park the heads during a video stream, leading to stutter upon unparking. the only solution was some tool to set the time out to a static 30 s (maximum allowed).


I never understood the hype behind power saving in desktop HDDs. It is ridiculous in my eyes. Their share in the global or the owners house energy consumption is negligible. If one wants to save energy, there are other things that should have his attention

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Hi, here my update.

Almost 2 years later both Seagate Barracudas 2TB drives failed.

The first in April/May 2014 and luckily replaced by another disk from a different manufacturer, the second two days ago.

The disks were in a RAID 1 array and very lightly used.

In the meantime Seagate remodeled the forums deleting all the discussion about drive failures and the specific problem.

For me no more Seagate/Maxtor/Samsung HDDs.

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