Contest: Free USB Drives

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We have amassed many many many USB drives of varying capacities and designs over the last two years or so. See the picture in this article to see only the ones that came out of my desk -

If you want, you can have them. I'll mail them to whoever responds to this post. The only requirements:

1) US address only

2) You don't get to pick ;)

3) You probably can't have my Transformers USB drive

4) You must have 10 posts or more in the forums

We'll leave this open until the supply is exhausted. Enjoy!

All right...

I always seem to misplace my usb stick...


CA 95132


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Who doesn't misplace their USB sticks? Thankfully they are not the $100/200 USB 3.0 64GB ones...


Take a look at Brian's recent post. All have already been given out in August of last year. I edited the first post to reflect that.

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