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Corsair Performance 3 128GB firmware

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Here's the backstory. About a month ago, I bought one of the Corsair Performance 3 (P3) 128GB drives.

I bought my second one just this past Friday and I noticed one lil' thing.

The firmware versions differed.

The one I bought a month ago (drive #A) stated that it was running F/W 1.1 (according to both the label and the drive itself via Crystal DiskInfo).

The drive I bought last Friday (drive #B) stated it was running F/W 1.0.

The funny part is that #B has a "newer" serial number sequence than #A.

I checked online and also checked with Corsair; no info on the differences between 1.0 and 1.1 nor info on 1.1.

The tech support guy from Corsair seemed to be baffled and was not aware there was a 1.1.

Anyone else run into this same issue?

btw, I did try to send this along with screenshots to SR but the contact form bugged out on me.

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Where did you buy the first one?

Could it have been an SSD for a review site that may have had installed a beta firmware(or a firmware that was rejected)?

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