Hitachi Deskstar 3TB: 5400 (5K3000) vs 7200 (7K3000)

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Hi gents

I'm Building a 12 Disk RAID6 using ZFS (RAIDZ2).

Does anyone know the difference between the heat output of both Hitachi 3TB (xK3000's) drives? I expect power to be very similar, or at least irrelevant. Heat is more important to me.

In my current server I have:

2x Samsung 1TB (7200) which runs at 36'C from smartd.

8x Samsung 1TB (5400) which runs at 26'C from smartd.

Which is a 10C difference.

Can I expect the same for Hitachi 3TB's?

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I have both types, as long as you have good airflow you should be fine either way:


Device Model: Hitachi HDS5C3020ALA632

194 Temperature_Celsius 30c


Model Family: Hitachi Deskstar 7K3000

194 Temperature_Celsius 33c

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