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Want some opinions on my SSD

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Newbie here on this website and forum.

I am a little confused and just want some opinions.

2 days ago, I was shopped and gotten some hard drives for my system that I am planning to upgrade to Win 7 (from Vista 64bit quad cpu with 8gb memory), I was shopping on TigerDirect.

I ended up looking at some SSD drives and thought, 'why not try one', so I purchased what their search presented to me, a Patriot Warp 64gb drive for $197. Model: Patriot Warp Solid State Drive - 64GB, 2.5", SATA II part number: PE64GS25SSDR (TigerDirect's item number: P33-6024)

Today, I had a few questions and brought up my receipt on TigerDirect's website, so when I called I had the information ready for my questions. However, I ended up running across another SSD drive (because of reading an AD in PCWorld) about a Corsair SSD.

When I searched for the Corsair, I ended up finding the, Corsair F90 90GB Force Solid State Drive, Price $213 (Model: CSSD-F90GB2-BRKT TigerDirect's item number: YYD1-CSSDF90GB2BRKT).

I called back TigerDirect and had them do a RMA on the Patriot (which is still in transit to me) and ordered the Corsair SSD 90Gb. The specs were so much better?

While writing this, and looking up the model numbers to enter into this message, I found a Corsair 115GB drive for $219. I called back TigerDirect and had them yet switch it out for this higher capacity drive. I am now getting the Corsair 115gb drivve. (Model number: C13-8115 TigerDirect's item number: CSSD-F115GB2-BRKT-A)

OK guys and gals, what's your opinion since I'm new to this SSD stuff. Did I make the correct decisions? Which of the 3 models are the best to be used with a Win 7 bootable drive, forgetting about the size.

So for about $20 dollar's more I went from a 64gb drive to a 115gb drive. But was the 64gb drive the best and fastest? From my inexperience knowledge, reading the specs, I got next to the fastest drive (the spec gave into the 90gb just a tad, really just a tad better).

I'll sign off with 'Confused!'

Thanks all!


I called TigerDirect

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The 115GB drive is likely to be a little bit slower than the 90GB since it's using fewer NAND blocks. This is a result of using newer higher-capacity 25nm NAND. However, it's a small dip in performance and either of the Sandforce-based Corsair Force SSDs will be much better than the JMicron-based Patriot Warp.

The dip in performance of the 115GB Corsair Force compared to the 90GB Corsair Force is not likely to be noticeable unless you're using both SSDs side by side and you're looking for differences. Since it's going to be your first SSD, I think you made the best choice out of the three: you chose the one with the most capacity and the least price per gigabyte while still retaining very good performance.

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