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World Backup Day is Today(3/31)

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Since today is World Backup Day, I was wondering how you guys backup and what do you backup?

For assorted media and photos » External HDD of various sizes

MP3s » Skydrive and mp3 player

CDs/DVDS » Make ISOs and put on External HDDs

System images of Desktop » External HDD

System image of Notebook » Acronis Secure Zone partition

Documents » Google docs or Skydrive

Onenote(notes) » Sync between notebook and desktop

Human mind » Still waiting for software/hardware ;)

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I store my mother's and my data on 2 hard drives. Email archives, pictures, music, documents, web browser profiles, school lecture recordings are backed up on the drive and torrentz are only on the external drives.

I was using a 1TB hard drive to back up everything and was using a 500GB hard drive as a partial backup of the 1TB, but I outgrew the 1TB and upgraded to 2TB.

So, now the 1TB is a partial backup of the 2TB and I sold my 500GB. My next jump will be 6TB.. trying to hold out.

You know, Starfleet has 2 backup systems for every primary system on a ship!

Chief O'brien said that on that episode of DS9 where a female Cardassian has the hots for him...

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