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LSI WarpDrive SLP-300 Review Discussion

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The LSI WarpDrive SLP-300 is an enterprise-class SSD solution that leverages the x8 PCIe expansion slot in a server or desktop. With features like 300GB of SLC flash, six SF-1500 controllers, and a SATA6 533Mhz LSI RAID controller tying it all together, this card promises extremely high transfer speeds, extremely low latency, and an extremely high high price tag. LSI promises up to 1,400MB/s sustained throughput, .5 microsecond seek time, 240,000 4K read IOPS, and 200,000 4K IOPS for the low, low price of $11,500, which puts it firmly out of reach of most power users. For its intended audience though, it's a steal.

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