OWC Mercury Pro Aura Express SSD Review Discussion

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Apple is great - they make products people want to buy, like their very cool and very portable 2010 MacBook Air that comes with an 11" or 13.3" display. Apple also puts in the latest tech features, like an elongated stick of gum shaped SSD. Apple is also not so great - because an SSD shaped like a stick of gum with its own specialized interface connector, isn't readily available as a replacement should you need to replace it. While Apple likes to control their computing environments the best they can, MacBook Air owners at least now have an option when it comes to replacing or upgrading their SSDs, the OWC Mercury Pro Aura Express.

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First, the OWC MPAE (is that any better?)...

MAPE would be better still - as the pictures show, it's the Mercury Aura Pro Express! Not that there's much risk of anyone accidentally getting the wrong model here...

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