Samsung HD642JJ x2 - bad sectors !

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This morning the 2nd of my main work pc's OS disk - 640GB Samsung HD642JJ SATA hard drives decides to throw up some bad sectors at me.

Both exhibit exact similar problems. No longer being able to complete windows 7 create system image, 1st disk would hang at bad sector point, 2nd disk would reboot system at bad sector point. Same problems occurs with Paragon Hard Disk Suite 2010 backup methods too getting I/O error unable to continue.

For 2nd disk, tried chkdsk /f (well /r) if you run from within windows 7 to initiate a scheduled chkdsk on reboot. Windows reported fixed bad sector but retrying windows 7 creates system image backup = system reboot and Paragon Hard Disk 2010 Suite results in I/O error unable to continue image backup.

Samsung ES Tool v3.01 reports LBA erros at 6215514 and 6215515 in Read Surface Scan test.


  1. Anyone know if a reformat is enough to remap those bad sectors ?
  2. Need to be able to get the image of the disk though, going to try Roadkil Raw Copy but anyone have other suggestions of getting a full hard drive image backup off a bad sectored hard drive ?

Windows System Image backup data size is ~320GB.

First disk showed this August 30, 2010 (top) vs Second disk showed this early this morning (bottom)



Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


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Raw copy didn't work it would reboot my system as before :( Ended up purchasing Spinrite v6.0 http://www.grc.com/sr/spinrite.htm and giving it a try, took 13+ hrs of Spinrite level 4 surface defect detection/repair but seems to have fixed the Current Pending Sector Count report, won't know if it helps with preventing backup attempts from rebooting system or I/O errors in Paragon Hard Disk 2010 Suite. Will try that tomorrow.


Yes i did remove Drive D before running Spinrite it was a dedicated swap partition.

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In my experience with modern Samsung SATA drives is that they generally don't remap bad sectors when you write to them, but rather mark them 'Good' again if the write succeeds. It's annoying but something I live with...

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