The Future of SSDs: How do semiconductor process shrinks affect the de

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Very true. At least from what came out last week, out of the big key players, it really looks like only OCZ tried to take that path. Its hard to say what some of the smaller vendors are doing since their turnover isn't as high as the big guys, but if they are smart they won't try and do the same thing. This is especially true for SandForce licensees which offer similar/same configurations as other licensees and try sell by brand name, trust, and price. If you are sold on Intel or Crucial and they did something like this, you need to find a whole new platform... if you don't like one of the SandForce licensees you just look for another one and get very similar performance.

Very True for Intel and true for C300. But with C400 you'll have a wide variety of licensees very similar to the sandforce situation.

Marvell/Crucial/Micron C400/M4 knock offs include:

Corsair Performance 3

Plextor PX-M2

and I'm sure there will be others (and may already be one or two I forgot to list).

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Micron/Crucial have a different controller than Plextor and Corsair, though it is similar. And yes, there are or will be a handful of other licesees of the Marvell controller.

I will say though, that the SandForce guys are much more promotional and better about outreach to sites like ours than the Marvell PR people. Not that it matters, but it does make us better informed.

On the SATA 6Gb/s SandForce front though, it looks like late spring/early summer for anyone other than OCZ to get to market. I didn't even publish the announcements I saw today from Corsair and Patriot because they lacked so much detail. They just didn't want to be forgotten in the news rush.

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