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so yeah.. been running since aug-sep 04

(err pulled the drive while writing this..(lol big no no) WD Caviar SE/WD800 date: 07 june 04)

(best I could pull from WD)

WD Caviar Blue〈=en

80GB Special Edition EIDE drive (model WD800JB)

Cylinders 1 16383

Heads 16

Sectors/Track 63

Landing Zone 16383

WPC 16383

Jumper Setting Information Ten Pin Drive

Formatted Capacity 1 80,026 MB

Interface 40-pin EIDE

Actuator Type Rotary Voice Coil

Number of Disks 2

Data Surfaces 4

Number of Heads 4

Bytes Per Sector 512

User Sectors Per Drive 156,301,488

Servo Type Embedded

Recording Method EPR4 Rate 16/17 PRML

ECC Reed Solomon

Head Park 2 Automatic

Average Seek

- Read

- Write 8.9 ms average

10.9 ms average

Track-to-Track Seek 2.0 ms average

Full Stroke Seek 21 ms average

Index Pulse Period 8.3 ms (nominal)

Average Latency 4.2 ms (nominal)

Rotational Speed 7200 RPM (nominal)

Data Transfer Rate (maximum)

100 MB/s (Mode 5 Ultra ATA)

66.6 MB/s (Mode 4 Ultra ATA)

33.3 MB/s (Mode 2 Ultra ATA)

16.6 MB/s (Mode 4 PIO)

16.6 MB/s (Mode 2 multi-word DMA)

Interleave 1:1

Buffer Size 8 MB

Error Rate - Unrecoverable <1 in 1014 bits read

Spindle Start Time

- From Power-on to Drive Ready 1

- From Power-on to Rotational Speed 2 8.0 s average

6.0 s average

Spindle Stop Time 5.1 s average

Contact Start/Stop Cycles (CSS) 50,000 minimum

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