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NAS/SAN Solution for small business

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I need a small business storage solution (at least 4TB) with RAID5 support, allowing to create volumes (LUN ? is it? ) that could be attached to different servers with good transfer rates between storage and the computers (at least the same transfer rate we would get with a computer with 5200rpm disk).

In the main server I will have Oracle VM SERVER with OCFS2 filesystem. It would be good to have a solution that would allow snapshots. Also I will like to have other partitions (LUNS ? is it?) attached to other computers. Other thing that would be nice is having NFS/SMB support...

Is there any solution like that under 1000usd?

Best Regards,


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That market segment is flush with competitors, but you'll have to really read up on which ones have what you need.

Also beware disk transfer rates, I would never want to put a database that is used frequently on a Nas! A better idea for a database would be to get a set of mirrored drives for the database, and a third for OS and logging. Backups can go to the lan with an iscsi connection.

Do a search on entry level Nas

D-Link DSN-1100-10 $1500 no drives



Lacie this one looks good


check out this review site

ran accross this while looking at the thecus n7700pro

The N7700PRO is after the server-replacement market that QNAP is pursuing with its TS-8XX series, Synology with its DS1010+ and DX510 Expansion Chassis and NETGEAR with its ReadyNAS 3200 and 4200. So it's not going to be on the average small and even not-so-small networker's shopping list.

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There are a ton of pretty easy to use options from the likes of Synology and QNAP that would do the trick. As to the budget, you might end up having to look at the home/small business units rather than something geared toward enterprise, but that may not be a problem. We just reviewed 4-bay units from both of those guys. Check this one out to get a feel for transfer speeds, etc.

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