2-Drives -- Same Files -- Different "Free Space"

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I've just finished copying a large quantity of files to 2 identical new 2TB Hitachi Enterprise A7K2000 HUA722020ALA330 hard drives.

And, yet Windows 7 is reporting that the two drives have a 35GB difference in "Free Space".

The drive Properties>General tab "agrees" on the drive capacity, the number of folders, the number of files and the amount of Used Space.

But Properties>General tab reports an approximate 35GB difference in "Free Space" -- and so does Computer>Manage>Disk Management.

The System folder shows as 0 Bytes.

I have emptied the Recycle Bins on both drives -- and they show as empty.

The Properties>General>Disk Cleanup -- indicates that there's nothing to cleanup.

And, I've even used a third party application called Folder Match to confirm that the 2 drives have identical files.

I know drives will sometimes remap bad sectors -- but these are unused and this is a 35GB difference.

I ran Crystal Disk and it is reporting both drives as being in "Caution" mode -- with a yellow dot next to Reallocated Sector Count ...

But they are both reporting the same amount -- and the application is not really supplying any additional information that I can understand.

Anyone ever see this before -- or have an explanation for why this is happening.

Are both of these drives toast -- or soon to be ???

With them both unused -- this would certainly be testing the laws of probability.

Thanks for your input.

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