where are the 3 TB internal drives?

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if i understand correctly, the hba card is there in case you don't have the right combination of motherboard/os/etc.

in three years, when you have efi/guid/win7, it should act just like any other standard sata drive.

has anyone seen anything about availability?

engadget mentioned in passing that it should be at retailers, but had no real info.

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That's correct, the HBA is a temporary fix only, until your system supports UEFI standards.

With all WD drives, they're "available" as soon as the announcement is made. It looks like retailers are a little slow up on the uptake, I'm only see pre-orders so far. I expect days not weeks though.

If you buy one, please be sure to share your experience of installing it in a new thread. If enough buy it, we should have a thread that just addresses compatibility issues.

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Stores here in Sweden list it as being available from the 13th of November.

The sad part seems to be that you can't get it without the HBA?

I'm a bit tempted in putting a couple of theese in raid, but then I will end up buying a bunch of HBAs that I don't have any need for...

I haven't seen any information about whether the HBA bundled retail version is the only one that will be sold for now?

I'm assuming thats the case since the price of the 3TB WD is over 20% more than the external Seagate drive. And with Seagate you get an external chassi and external power and a USB->sata converter which should cost about the same or more as the bundled HBA so the price is a bit disappointing even considering it's the first internal 3 TB drive and that it includes an HBA. Or I should perhaps say that Seagates drive is cheap rather than WD being expensive in this case.

Still, the HBA part is annoying.

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