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Maxtor MaxLine III 7L250S0

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I can't find my drive in the DB. It's a Maxtor MaxLine III drive, but the only models in the DB from that family is 7B250S0. My drive model is 7L250S0. I have no idea what the difference is, but since this is a reliability database the difference could be important.

Manufacturer: Maxtor

Family: MaxLine III

Released: ? (Most likely around the same time as the 7B250S0 model)

Notes: Bought in october 2005

Model Name (product family): Maxtor MaxLine III 250 GB

Model Number: 7L250S0

Capacity: 250 gigabytes


Interface: SATA

Spindle Speed: 7200 rotations per minute

Seek: 9 milliseconds

Buffer: 16 megabytes

Density: 83 gigabytes per platter

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