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ZFS, the ultimate file system?

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I was board so I was looking at some of the file system out there just to see what was beyond NTFS and ext3 and came across ZFS. ZFS is shaping up to be the ultimate file system. Anyone have any experience with it?

I still have not seen this as an option on a system but in theory you should be able to take a perpetual backup providing you have the space. The general idea is that every write to a file is treated as a new fork in the data. Over time as you start to run out a space the oldest forks are removed and replace with

From the user’s standpoint if you have 100GB drive and are using only 10GB of it, the remained of the 100GB can be used as a file history. The user would still be shown to have 90GB free and if you add in more data, that 90GB is reduced. Somewhat like a FIFO.

I can see this type of File system becoming important of SSD, because is some respects what I mentioned above somewhat like wear leveling

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