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SSD Pricing May Not Fall Until 2012

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While SSD adoption has been growing, up 14% in 2009, the rapid inclusion of SSDs in personal computers has been slower than many predicted, largely due to the costs associated with NAND flash chips. NAND pricing has not fallen as fast as expected, though there are indications that prices could start sliding more aggressively later this year.

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I have no reason to rush. I'll wait for a new system next year as the soonest I'll add an SSD.

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a want to see $1 a gig. im not jumping in with both feet until then.

Please if you can give me Intel 80GB G2 speed/reliability I'm willing to pay $2/GB. Right now that drive is still ~$2.70/GB In fact here is a run down of drives I'd like to buy at $2/GB and their current price rounded to make typing the list easier:

Corsair Nova 32GB - ~$3.1/GB
Intel X25-V 40GB - ~$3/GB
Corsair Nova 64GB - ~$2.7/GB
Crucial M225 64GB - ~$2.8/GB
Intel X25-M 80GB - ~$2.75/GB
Corsair Nova 128GB - ~$2.6/GB
Crucial M225 128GB - ~$2.7/GB
Crucial C300 128GB - ~$2.9/GB
Intel X25-M 160GB - ~$2.6/GB
Crucial C300 256GB - ~$2.6/GB

Try and find any of those drives anywhere near $2 x the GB on the label. Feel free to send me one of each at $2 a GB and I'm sure I'll be able to test them all keep my favorite one and still sell the rest for a noticeable profit (assuming no DOAs).

As to other drives not listed I don't care if a Toshiba/Jmicron or Samsung controller based drive gets down to $1/GB I won't use drives with a crappy controller.

I'm assuming the sandforce drives will always be as expensive or have a premium over the Intel/Marvell based drives and until they get price competitive with the indilinx barefoot based drives I'll ignore them.

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