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Ok, so this isn't something that you can really call a "home" server, but it's still pretty cool.

Snapstream has a closet-sized appliance that can record 50 TV channels with a single coax input to 125+ TB of storage.

The entire unit is made up of several 3U or 4U "servers" that each contain several tuners and plenty of storage space. They're all networked together with a beefy HP network switch.

Snapstream's other main feature is their search technology, so you can search all the channels that you record. Apparently this technology is used by "The Soup" on the E! channel and the Daily Show to find all the clips that they use with their programming.

Check it out here:

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Dear Lord that's a serious machine...and huge too. I doubt there's much of a practical use here...unless you're monitoring every news station for some reason. I've never wanted to record more than three things at a time, but I'm not tracking political commentary across dozens of channels either.

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