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Star Wars Themed USB Drives

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Ahead of Toy Fair this weekend, I received an email featuring this Star Wars themed USB drives. These are the real deal, not fakes. Pretty good likenesses I'd say. I wonder how long it will take a certain mod on these forums to buy his Boba Fett USB drive.


Tyme Machines: Star Wars USB Drives

Fully sculpted 3D designer Star Wars character USB Drives

• Fully sculpted 3D USB 2.0 drive of Star Wars characters: Yoda, Darth Vader, Stormtrooper and Boba Fett

• Product is Licensed and approved for sale by TM & © Lucasfilm Ltd

• Appropriate for Star Wars fans ages 5+

• Storage Capacity: 4GB,8GB, 16GB

Price: 4GB $29.99, 8GB $39.99, 16GB $59.99

Available Here

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Those are actually pretty cool, too bad I'm not much of a Star Wars geek otherwise I might have snagged one although I'll bookmark this for when one of my SW buddies has a birthday or something and I need to get them something appropriate. I'll probably buy a Mario themed one for myself eventually though, if I can remember what website sells them that is as it wasn't a licensed product if I remember correctly.

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