What do you do with a retired computer?

Harvesting old hard drives  

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  1. 1. What do you do with old hard drives?

    • Use for external storage
    • Throw them away
    • Physically destroy them
    • Use software to destroy them
    • Recycle
    • Other - IE throw in a pond

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Yeah an old machine is pretty powerful as a server/router/firewall device but leaving it on 24/7 could mean quite high power consumption. My old PC right now is running as a server but leaving it on 24/7 would cost nearly $400 a year in electricity. This is despite me going for energy efficient gear (though not super energy saving gear). For just a firewall you'd probably be better off getting a powerful embedded router that can run linux, giving you 99% of the functionality of monowall while sapping a frugal 8w of power or less.

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It is fun to destroy the computer and I have done it before. It depends on my mood because I have recycled them also. I have a friend that keeps all his old computers just because he can't make himself throw it away.

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