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Hitachi 7K1000.C

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Manufacturer: Hitachi (GST)

Family: Deskstar

Released: 2009?


Model Name (product family): 7K1000.C

Model Number: HDS721010CLA332

Capacity: 1000 GB

URL: [post=][/post]

Interface: SATA2

Spindle Speed: 7200 RPM

Seek: ?

Buffer: 32000 KB

Density: 500GB per platter

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Okay, the entire Deskstar 7K1000.C family is added.

The Hitachi 7K1000.B was the first Hitachi drive I purchased in a long while which was just dissapointing. The hdtune benchmarks were there as in close to 100mb/sec on average, but the second you opened anything, it would just crawl.

I returned the drive for a E7K1000, which this site said was faster, and it ended up being about the same in terms of performance.

I still have the E7K1000 in the computer, but it just crawls. I have had many other disc drives from Hitachi which not only felt faster, but were faster.

Hopefully the 7K1000.C and 7K2000 drives arent like that.

I am new on here, please dont use hdtune, it is synthetic garbage. Please use real life tests to determine how fast a drive is.

If this site could upload/use the same say 4gb file with X amount of files, it could be a good determinant to have times it takes to copy the file, etc


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Hitatchi's information on this drive is very confusing, they never list specs on the individual drives - just of the families, and we know the 160gb will be different than the 1tb.

I was looking into buying this drive when I came across this forum, and you actually are wrong about the number of platters. This drive has EIGHT platters! Yes that is 8 platters in one 3.5in drive, crazy yes but on Newegg they give a shot of the label and it shows 16 heads (2 heads per platter).

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