How to add a drive to the Reliability Database

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The Reliability Database has not been added to in some time. I have added a few drives tonight to ensure all it working well, and it is. The nav item has been added back to the site and we're ready to start populating data again. It's nearly impossible to get all the drives inputted with a magic wand, but we'll get to work on it as best we can. To facilitate the process, please use this forum for suggesting new drives.

Note - we are not adding drives that have been out of production over 3 years.

To do this, start a new thread with the drive name and provide as much of the following detail as possible. The more you can help us with, the faster a drive will be added:





Model Name (product family):

Model Number:

Capacity: gigabytes



Spindle Speed: rotations per minute

Seek: milliseconds

Buffer: kilobytes

Density: gigabytes per platter

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