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Software RAID using WINDOWS XP PRO

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Would software raid 0 (striping) through the means of windows xp pro work if I have two hard drives, one of 60gb and the other of 20gb both IBM......if I partitioned the 60gb into one partition of 40gb and a second partition of 20gb, then raid the second partition (20gb) with the second hard drive (20gb) and keep the first 40gb partition to install windows on....because I know that when using software raid through windows xp/2000, you cannot install the OS on the raid array itself becuase the OS has to startup first, then it starts the raid array after startup, unlike hardware raid...but nonetheless, would what I described above work?

-60GB (split into one 40gb and one 20gb)

-20GB (raided with the 20gb partition of the first drive)

install OS on 40gb non-raid partition first, then setup raid with remaining partition and second drive...

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Yes, it will work.

The best thing to do is to let XP create the 40GB partition during install. It won't recognize NTFS partitions created with Partition Magic or earlier versions of Windows. Weird.

Once you have XP installed, you can create your array from within the Computer Management console.


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