Two Intel Hot swap Backplanes and 7 u320 drives

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These are some of the best backplanes I have used. They were rated at u160 but I have used nothing but u320 drives in these and have had zero problems even with every bay full with u320 drives running raid 0 arrays. I was using them a couple years ago to evaluate Per4 raid controllers on a dual cpu motherboard in a huge Intel server chassis. The huge Intel chassis is available but it weighes so much shipping would be HUGE and I have nothing to box it in or yu could have that monster free with teh backplanes honestly.

I sold the motherboard and raid controllers long ago and these backplanes have just been sitting inside in the Intel chassis now for 18 months.

I have no scsi card (just a laptop) at the moment so I have no way to test the drives again but they had working raid arrays installed on them when powered down and I would bet the drives are all fine.

The back planes each hold 5 drives.

So this sale is two hot swap 5 drive back planes loaded with

Four maxtor 15k 18gb u320

Two IBM 36g Ultrastar u320 drives

one atlas 10k IV u320 36gb drives

Two back planes and 7 drives.

I am selling the whole mess for the price of the backplanes basicaly. With 7 drives these are pretty heavy. I will inquire today on the size of USPS priority mail set price boxes and I will ship for actual shipping costs. No markup guaranteed on shipping costs.

I want $150 for everything. Add on actual shipping using USPS priority mail.

Contact me at tex.withers@verizon.net as I don't log on here often anymore. I used to post and sell on this forum often and specialized in high end raid controllers and scsi drives. I am sure my old posts are out on the forums still.

I could not figure out how to upload images like I used to but if you email me I can give model numbers for all the drives as well as pics of the drives and backplanes.

Thanks for looking


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OK I had not priced this stuff in a long time and the price I had in mind is way to high. How about $60 total plus actual shipping.

The drives and hot swap bays weigh 21 pounds bare and not boxed. I will ship it however you want and you pay actual shipping only plus 60 bucks.

Let me know

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