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Replacing a Seagate Barracuda dirve inside a LaCie case

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I have been using a LaCie Quadra 500GB for around 2-3 years, and it suddenly die on me (Disk spinning with strange noise but nothing happens) Since it is past warranty, I opened it up and found a Seagate Barracuda ST3500630AS inside. After searching aound for a bit, I realized that the exact Seagate drive is no longer available (am I correct here?) I can only get refurbished ones online.

My question is, can I put a newer version of the drive inside the LaCie enclosure? Does the drive inside has to have the same specs (cache, firmware etc)?

The original drive is a 7200.10, but I can only find 7200.12 (same model no.) and the firmware was 3.AAC, and it's now anything from 3.AAD to 3.AAK

Thanks for any advice.


P.S. I found Seagate Barracudas very unrealiable, I now have a stack (about 6) of these drives in various models laying around (all failed in one way or another during a period of 5-6 years), most of them fail inside computers. Is this a correct presumption? Or am I just unlucky?

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I've found most LaCie external drives can have the internal drive swapped with another one, with no issues...

PS. You're just unlucky.

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