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150GB - WD Raptop vs Velociraptor

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Just curious if anyone has done any benchmarking of the original 150GB Raptor vs the new 150GB version of the Velociraptor? My original 150GB Raptor X (the one with the window) boot / OS drive died, and WD sent me a 150GB Velociraptor warranty replacement. New drive is 2.5" in the 3.5" drive carrier, and has Enterprise stamped on the label. Took me a minute to realize what was going on.

I had just finished a clean install of Windows 7 RTM on the original Raptor X a few days before it died. After re-installing again on the new drive, there is definitely a noticeable difference in boot times and overall system responsiveness with the VR. Should go nicely with the 300GB Velociraptor I already had for my games drive. :D

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