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I'm concidering a WD Velociraptor.

What is the meaning of BLFS, GLF, GLFS, HLFS etc.

The perfomance database compared 2 versions but there are also others for sale.

Is there some sort of list with more details?

Thanks for any fast input! I like fast accesstimes!

Nah, just kidding. Take as much access-time as you need. :P

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That's because performance is exactly the same between all versions of Velociraptor at the same give capacity, at least for the moment. And the performance between the 150GB and 300GB versions should be almost identical. SR policy is to test the largest disks in a given family because previous experience has shown that differences are minute at best.

The BLFS is the 2.5" version, the HLFS is the backplane-compatible version, the GLFS is the standard 3.5" carrier version which does *not* work in a backplane equipped setup.

I'm not sure what the GLF version would be as I've never heard of it.

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