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Future Shock

CRCDISK.SYS bluse screen of death?

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Following some helpful hints here, I decided to buy three WD Caviar Black 1 TB drives, and see if I could actually get them to have decent performance in RAID 5 using Nvidia's hardware raid. After formatting them in Vista, I configured them in the NVRAID utility of the BIOS, and then did a Vista Ultimate install (have the disk, never used it). All went well, and Vista gave my array a 5.9 out of 6.0 capability score (probably worthless as a real benchmark, I know).

Tried to get ATTO to run, but it kept saying that it could not write "benchmarks.$$$".

Installed some other software, and left the system doing some updates and doing some downloads while I went to bed...

Came back next morning to a dead system. Every re-boot brought a BSOD while Vista loaded. Re-booting in safe mode showed that the BSOD occurs every time the CRCDISK.SYS driver loads.

OK - start over...I figure that I can re-format all the drives, re-configure, and re-load...uh, no. One of the drives doesn't seem to be recognised by Vista in the format screen when I boot from DVD. Change cables and controllers - nope. Try a few more combinations - nope.

But returning to NRAID in the BIOS shows the array still healthy, and I could then delete it and reconstruct it at will.

I will obviously return the drive, but I am really wondering what caused the BSOD but yet was not detectable by the NRAID setup utility.

Any one with any ideas? And any idea why ATTO wouldn't run under Vista?

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