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Promise + Seagate = Slowwwww Rebuild?

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One of my clients had me setup a small fileserver for them with existing hardware. I got them a Promise 4310 sata raid controller and plugged 2 x 750GB Seagate ST3750330AS drives.

Everything seems to be working OK in raid 1. I'm not overly impressed with the speed of these drives. But they're working.

However...someone did a hard reboot of the server instead of calling me. The array went critical, and now it's rebuilding. It's at about 40%

The only problem is that it started rebuilding over 53 hours ago. 40% complete on a RAID 1 750GB array. What is going on here? Another unusual thing, the drives have always been in 1.5gb/s mode, and I thought the controller was 3.0. But that shouldn't matter at all. The real question is what's going on? This array should rebuild in a few hours.

In the Promise WebPAM, I have the rebuild speed set to HIGH as it has always been.

Anyone have ideas?

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