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Strange notifications of Samsung HD's in WHS

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Hi all,

I set up a Windows Home Server with 3 Samsung 1TB drives. This is the second time I've done this. The first time I used three other drives.

I've now installed the OS onto a Samsung 1TB drive (HD103UJ). After the install was completed, I added another two 1 TB drives. These last two drives I've purchased in a separate second batch.

Now, when I look at my drives in the WHS console, this is what I see:


My question is, why is that long number written below those two drives which I've added afterwards? These are the first two drives listed. The first WHS server I installed never showed such a number, but as said this was with 1 TB Samsung drives of another batch. The current OS drive, the lowest drive of the three listed (=also from the first batch), also doesn't show such a long number as you can see.

Is this an announcement of trouble to come? Of doesn't this matter at all?

Please put my mind at ease!


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No idea. Are you running the latest patches for WHS? The initial releases were buggy as hell.

Those numbers below look like they translate to something in hex to me, might be the harddisk serial number or something. I wouldn't worry about it too much after you check the disks with ES-TOOL or whatever Samsung's utility is.

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I also doubt this is a big problem. I can see the numbers too when I go into the device manager and click on the separate harddrives and 'details'. I can see the original disk also has such a number, but for some reason WHS does not show it for that drive.

Oh well...

Yes, I'm running the most recent patches and updates. Maybe an upcoming update will also get rid of this 'bug'. So far I'm not experiencing any difficulties with the drives. I've also found WHS to be a lot stabler with PowerPack1.

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