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New drives added

Interesting that retail Vraptor is so much louder then the beta.

at 3mm the noise is measurably different but at several feet that difference would be much less noticeable.

A proper noise test should be at least 1 foot away but 1 meter is a more common measuring distance. Unfortunately doing so requires a quieter environment and more expensive sound meter than some people are willing to provide.

Often a tech review site will buy the first SPL meter they find under $100 and call it good. Most of those units have a noise floor in the 35 to 40 decibel range. With a little more effort you could find a better SPL and have more respectable numbers in the review.

These are some products I googled up one night:

Min dBA Price Brand/Model
35		25 SCOSCHE SPL1000

30	   100 (Unknown brand) AR824 Multi-Range Sound Level Meter
30	   100 Nady DSM-1 Digital SPL Meter

26	   275 Extech 407738 Sound Level Meter with Memory

Since Storage review shows a WD Green Power drive at 35.9 dBA I'm going to guess they have a SPL meter that won't read below 35 dBA reliably. As a comparison SPCR tested a Green Power drive from 1 meter and got 19 to 21 dBA. That requires a much quieter room and a much more expensive sound meter but it also gives results that aren't skewed by having a mic 3mm away from the drive.

I hope that makes sense. I don't mean any disrespect to storagereview but I thought you and the other readers here should know...

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Yes, some of us are well aware of the differences. SR is deliberately trying to capture near-field noise only, probably due to both personal preference as well as limitations of the environment and testing equipment. SPCR's new hemi-anechoic chamber is... impressive.

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