68f-50f SCSI adapters' termination

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I have Adaptec AHA-29160LP (low profile) card which has only one internal connector, HD68. I have one HDD attached (7200 RPM, nothing exhalting), but I want to attach two CD-ROM drives too.

The problem is that I forgot what are the issues when mixing wide and narrow devices on a wide bus. I know that termination gets complicated. And I know that this will drop me to Ultra Wide speed (SE), but I can live with that just fine.

I do not have any 68f-50f adapter, but I will need two of them to make this work. Now the problem is the termination of the upper byte. How can I determine if a particular 68f-50f adapter terminates the high byte if it is NOT written on it? Most wide/narrow SCSI adapters to not have any inscriptions on them.


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