Are those "unidrive" SCA adapters any good?

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Long time no write. Nor read.

Anyway, I have several old SCA SCSI hard drives. Most of them are LVD/SE (Ultra2 I suppose), and a few older ones are SE only. I would like to use them, but I do not have SCA adapters (80 to 68 pin).

My search on Ebay for "SCSI SCA" (ordered by lowest price ascesending) revealed that it is pracitally flooded with those "unidrive" SCA adapters (by unidrive I mean that the adapter has only one SCA connector, therefore attaching only one SCA drive to one 68-pin cable connector). All those adapters from all sellers seem to be the exact same design. Here is a random example:


Does anybody know if this particular adapter model is any good? And does it support LVD operation (AFAIK, SE-only SCA and LVD/SE SCA adapters are significantly different, although they look the same, right?)?

I read on a few places in this forum that any unidrive SCA adapter sucks. It this true? If it is, then what the |-|ell should I use to connect these drives to the rest of the world?

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these adapters are bad, very bad...

i wouldn't recommend using these because they are poorly manufactured and thus introduce a unnecessary risk of a drive failure. the connector does not fit very tightly to the connector of the disk drive and that pcb on its back has some mechanical leverage effect to the connector.

another problem is, that the molex power plug is soldered on the pcb and the molex pins come out on the disk side of the pcb and there have a chance to short-circuit if the molex pins have contact to the metal casing of the disk drive. (but they can be taped)

a few years ago i had a few sca drives and used such connectors and the only way to keep the drives from spinning up and down all the time was to permanently glue the adapters to the drives... which is not a desireable method i think, but it kept things running... ;)

so why don't you sell your sca-drives and buy some 68-pin u320 lvd drives instead?! this gives you a lot less trouble maintaining your system. :)


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Thank you very much for this fine explanation.

Well, I would like to sell these drives on the local market, but I can't because all interested buyers ask for a "complete" solution (controller, cable, etc.). I have all that except the damn SCA adapter(s). Now I'm stuck with these drives until I find a connection between them and the rest of the world. I tried to find some old servers for trash (which hopefully have bays for SCA drives), and salvage SCA backplanes from them. But most those backplanes are proprietary designs which either don't fit in a standard HDD cage or use special power connectors ....

By the way, how to tell if a SCA adapter/backplane is SE-only or LVD/SE if it is not written on it?

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Well, they work... I used a few way back when from PC-Pitstop or something and they looked pretty much like that.

I wouldn't assume anything with cheap LVD adapters. I would buy them and offer a complete solution, but advise of their own risk.

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