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Western Digital VelociRaptor Preview

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Hi guys. I have seen "reviews" that indicate that the VelociRaptor doesn't do RAID 0 very well. This seems odd to me. Currently I use a 3-disk RAID 0 configuration to hold data for statistical analysis with the SAS System. In other words, for me, as was recommended two years or so ago here, RAID 0 was by far the way to go, given that my data sets can reach 60GB, with tens of thousands of variables.

Could one (or more!) of the gurus here weigh in on this issue?

By the way, I really appreciated the review of this drive. Nobody else does this sort of thing like StorageReview.

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Wow.. damn...!!!

Yup. I'm not running video games (no offense to those who do!).

Well, if nobody has good data on the RAIDING of these drives, I'm afraid I'll have to consider buying then testing. :(

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I own 1 of each of the following:




These are the best hard drives I have ever see and I remember old giant maxtors, micropolis, conner, you name the hard drive, I've tried them.

This is the best thing to happen to hard drives in hard drive history.

Its amazing and worth every penny.

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