HD Sentinel Error with Seagate 750.

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I am running HD sentinel and it shows my drive with this error.

"Problems occured during the spin up of the disk. This can be caused by the disk itself or huge power load (weak power supply).

It is recommended to examine the log of the disk regularly. All new problems found will be logged there."

It shows my health now as 88% because of this. Is there a way to clear this out of S.M.A.R.T? I am sure this had to do with a firmware update I did. The program says the drives life is 88% which is annoying knowing it only two weeks old. I would like to clear it somehow and see if it returns. I tried seagate tools but could not see any option to clear the error. I did run thier tests which said the drives is fine. Thx for any input.

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