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Are there any other 1TB drives other than this one?

It is billed as being made specifically to reduce power consumption. Green Power.

FYI, its a 5400 RPM drive, despite their marketing claiming 5400-7200. Their marketing implies that they use variable rpm drives, but the models only use a static RPM. Some of the GP drives could be 7200, but from what i've read - none are yet.

This makes it somewhat slower than the hitachi or other 1tb drives.

I still bought one, it should run cooler since its slower and i only use it for recording hdtv which is a paltry 20mbit.

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oh dear.

thanks for the very useful info, i never thought to check that. :rolleyes:

since my use is going top be similar to yours, i dont really mind. 'cool and quiet' is perfect.

however; i will not be buying the WD MyBook external until i know what drive is in it.

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