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FS: coolcases-modified Chenbro Genie, 18GB/146GB/300GB SCSI,

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Modified Chenbro Genie, two LGA775 MB's, complete SCSI disk setup... please note that not all items are pictured below, I think I missed one or two.

Feedback on Beerology and Heatware.

E-mail is in my profile. Dibs via e-mail get first pick.


and here we go...

$30 + shipping - ECS 671T-M v1.0 (ECS page) LGA775 board with SiS671 chipset, integrated graphics, two DDR2 slots, PCI-e x16 + PCI-e x1 + two PCI. According ECS page, supports Core 2 Quad, Core 2 Duo, Pentium D, Pentium 4, Celeron D, up to 1066mhz FSB. Leftover from a Fry's combo deal. NIB.

$25 + shipping - ECS P4M900T-M v1.0 LGA775 board with VIA P4M900 chipset, integrated graphics, two DDR2 slots, PCI-e x16 + PCI-e x1 + two PCI. According ECS page, supports Core 2 Quad, Core 2 Duo, Pentium D, Pentium 4, Celeron D, up to 1066mhz FSB. Leftover from a Fry's combo deal. NIB.

$50 + shipping - modified Chenbro Genie. Fits 5x3.5" HDDs, 4x5.25" exposed, 2x3.5" exposed, eATX MB's.

Dual lower front 120mm's, all stock fan grilles punched out, upper right dual 120mm intakes (filtered), lower left 92mm and 120mm fans to keep your cards and CPU cool. PSU mounting plate flip, vent cut into HD cage for better HD cooling, slots cut in floor below PSU for cable routing, casters, BayBus 4-switch remote-mounted detachable unit with red/green LEDs for 12v/off/7v. Includes all drive rails and MB mounting hardware.

Four 120mm Panaflo L1A's (dual lower front intake, lower rear exhaust, left side exhaust), two 92mm Panaflo L1A's (HDD cage exhaust, left side intake over CPU), two 120mm JMC 1225L (upper right intake for optical drives/HDD chamber/PSU).

Cooled up to five 10K/15K harddisks, Q6600 B3 @ 3.2ghz with all fans at 7v, and a 6600GT, system exhaust air temps were 10C above ambient, with fans at 12v it was something like 6C above ambient. Might have been 6C and 4C respectively, but I forget... Will even include the pair of Ars badges. :)

Shipping extra. This is heavy but not overly so. I've got the original box from my new case to ship it in, so it'll be shipped in a Chenbro SR107 box, which is almost the same size as the Genie. It'll be well-protected. :) I'd love to keep this around, but it's big and I don't have room in the closet.

$30 shipped - LSI Logic LSI21040 dual-channel Ultra160 64-bit PCI SCSI adapter. Two internal 68-pin, one internal 50-pin, one external 68-pin. Works in 32-bit PCI slots, including the Asus P5B Deluxe.

Note that I need to keep this til I sell all five harddisks below to verify their integrity before shipping.

$50 each + shipping, OBO. Quantity 3. Seagate Cheetah 10K.7 146GB 68-pin U320 (ST3146707LW, firmware 0003). Full retail warranty expires December 2009 on one drive, component warranty on the other two which expires December 2009 or January 2010.

$140 + shipping, OBO. Seagate Cheetah 10K.7 300GB 68-pin U320 (ST3300007LW, firmware 0002). Originally from another occasional Ars'er, legendmaster. Component warranty through July 2009 or so if memory serves.

On the Cheetah 10K.7's with component warranty, I should be able to handle component RMA for you as I work for a major user of Seagate drives.

$20 + shipping. Seagate Cheetah X15-36LP 18.4GB 68-pin (ST318452LW, firmware 0002). Out of warranty (expired August 2006).

$25 each + shipping, quantity 2. Rounded Amphenol Ultra 320 SCSI cable w/LVD terminator. Approximately 47.25" overall length, 5 drives plus host adapter, 5" between devices. Used to cable up the five drives above in my Chenbro Genie with a minimum of excess cabling. Ordered from a major cable vendor back in 2004, tested to full Ultra320 speeds by the manufacturer.

$10 + shipping. Iomega Zip100 narrow SCSI internal. Worked when pulled. Can throw in some Zip100 disks I have laying around, I think I have some new in wrapper ones still (!).

$30 + shipping. Pioneer DVD-305S, 10X SCSI DVD-ROM.

$75+ shipping. Plextor Ultraplex 40max, 40x CD-ROM narrow SCSI version. Works perfectly, ripped audio discs at up to something like 23x in EAC Secure mode.

I'm seriously ambivalent about selling this sucker since it's a classic... but if you want to take the entire SCSI setup from me, all five harddisks, the controller, both of the cables, and both optical drives... we can probably work something out at a discount.











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