What R my options for better transfer rate? Have 15K.x Cheetahs on a

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Hello People,

I would SUPER appreciate any wisdom here as I know VERY LITTLE about SCSI, and about the same about RAID! I only barely could figure out how to set the jumpers on my 4 SCSIs (had to move one for some reason I didn't understand well to get the 4th drive to be recognized, but it works fine so no apparent worries.

I am at a crossroads, and need to decide which path to pursue. I am assembling a higher end intel q core box, and WAS planning to use my 4 aging 15K.x drives that I have currently in a 5y/o box. I will take the guts of my old box and put them into a new case for the lil woman.

It seems to me the sort of transfer rates HDTach or Tune show for my non-raid set up seems by today's standards, pretty puney: ~ 82mb/sec transfer rate on the newer 15K.5 drive, which is a 73Gb model. That seems ok, but nowhere near what I'm seeing with RAID setups looking at benchmarks. It would come into play when loading large amounts of data associated with starting up Flight Simulator laden with lotsa add ons, or refreshing new levels in FPS. Other than that, probably not much argument for changing anything.

I bought these drives because I wanted to optimize Gigastudio, which likes fast access times and multiple drives. Otherwise, I am a typical home user with some gaming (FS series and the odd FPS), and do some digital audio recording, and that's about it.

I'm thinking these are my options for better transfer rates and adequate access time:

1. Keep it all the same and leave it at that. I have an older ATA drive to go with my mobo/cpu/ram to the lil woman's PC, so we're covered there.

2. Buy a SCSI Raid controller . . . BUT! This is where I don't have a clue: Do I need TWO drives of the same type to do RAID 0? I don't have that going for me now, so I'd have to pick up another 73GB Cheetah, and use the remaining 18/36/36 drives for data. ONE of the 36's is a 10K Cheetah, the others are 15Ks.

3. Finally, make a break from SCSI, in favor of a good pair of SATA 10K drives, and do THAT in RAID config with the P5E mainboard's SATA RAID capability, keeping the one 73Gb 15K scsi to put the data files of Gigastudio on, or send it along to the wife's PC and depart from SCSI forever and get a 3rd SATA for a separate DATA drive (again, Giga likes this,l or did 5y ago when systems were slower). It would be a very slow boot situation having SCSI and SATA RAID I'm guessing with that config, which in itself could be an argument for abandoning SCSI completely.

Last but not least in any way, I really don't like fixing computers! So, not going to fool with Vista quite yet, and if mobo-based SATA RAID is AT ALL a problem-prone issue with current X38 boards from ASUS I'm not for it.

MANY thanks in advance for sharing your experience and wisdom!


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