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Drive Volume Shrinking in Vista Problem

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I dual boot using WD 1500 Raptors . XP 64 is installed in one and Vista 64 is installed in the other.

I wanted to split the volumes since I use Acronis to make images of my system drives and can easily restore when I mess up.

Vista "Disk Management" allowed me to shrink the volume on the drive containing the XP 64 which is listed as the C Drive.

However it will not let me shrink the volume on the Vista 64 install listed as the D Drive.

I noticed that the a Page File was using the D Drive and I thought that this might be confusing the Disk Management "shrink" utility. I beleive that Page Files can be enormous and it might be simply that this file is temporarily reserving too much space on the D Drive.

Is this possible and how do I temporarily remove or stop "Page File' for the D Drive. If this is a feasible explanation and I I try it how do I restore the Page File when finished with the new volumes.

Many Thanks

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You can't expand or shrink an XP boot volume with Microsoft tools. Other tools do some magic to prevent the resulting BSOD.

Does anyone know if Vista is different?

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